Underwaterrugby Ball



These balls, either red or black/white, have been especially developed for Underwater Rugby. They consist of a strong plastic shell with an extreme smooth surface. The surface must be treated according to our instructions to maintain its grip and its gliding ability under water. The filling liquid of the consists of a concentrated salt water solution. To prevent leakage of the liquid the ball is equipped with a one-way valve.

To ensure proper filling detailed filling instructions must be observed! The surface treatment of the red balls, which in some cases can be seen better under water, is easier than the treatment of the white/black balls since it has no black pentagons on its surface that need to be repainted.
To ensure effective training at least 3 to 5 balls should be available in the pool.

Empty balls can only be ordered in a minimum quantity of 3 balls

When ordered filled balls sizes for vomen/men can be ordered differnetly.


Min. 3 pcs when ordered only.


At bigger orders ask for special prices.

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