Mask strap assembly

Take away the original mask strap

Assemble both clasps for tightening to the Nylon belt.

Push the ends of the nylon belt through the inner sides of the mask.  – to do this  tweezers or a similar tool would be helpful.  

Push the clasp at its fix side as close to the  mask as possible to avoid any pressure point on the ear.

After tightening the clasp on the movable side of the strap has to be so far away from the mask that the thumb can be placed between clasp and mask for easy loosening.

The open end of the strap should only be pushed through the rear slot of the clasp because only so it can be loosened without difficulties.


The strap should be udjusted so it fits your head size. If the rest of the strap is to long just shorten it and seal the cut face with an open flame. The free end of the strap should not be longer than 5 cm!


So the strap can be loosened again:

Pull the strap with your thumb towards the mask and a little out of the clasp!

The tightly fixed mask can be loosened by means of pulling it away from the face by simultaneously loosening the strap clamp.

The best fit of the mask can be achieved when the strap is worn under the cap. If not done so it would come over the ear protections. This however would result in a fleaxibility which would not ensure a permanent tight fit of the mask on the face.

The snorkel should be fixed by a rubber band around the head (and not to the ear protection shell!) This could be done by a normal rubber band or even better by using our especially developed strong 2 cm high black rubber snorkel band.