Circumference: 520 -540 mm ( for men ), 490-510 for women                  

Negative buoyancy: 1000 - 1250 mm/s


Equipment necessary to fill balls :

1  football pump - plastic if available -

1  basketball filler needle ( 2mm dia x app. 30 mm long )

    alternative : Spraying pump e.g.  garden spray -qualified to operate at 3 bar -. 
A brass tube     2mm dia x 30 mm long must be soldered into the spray-jet 
   opening *. Such tubes can be bought in any do-it-yourself supermarket. Or ask 
   at any butcher shop to get their usual liquid-injection pump loaned and connect a
   hose adapter with the filling needle.

1   brass tube 2mm dia x 200mm long * 
     (* tubes to be rounded on one edge before use )
1800 gr kitchen salt.

1   container with app. 5 l water heated up to app. 60°C (or 2160 gr salt in 6 ltr      water for appr. 2 balls)


Filling Procedure :

  • Press all remaining air out of the ball before you start with the filling procedure.
  • Completely dissolve the salt before filling it into the spraying pump
    -use mixing device--
  • Insert carefully (soaped) filling needle into ball valve, rounded edge first. Press out all remaining air.
  • Fill football pump with salt water and press into ball. Repeat process until ball feels pretty hard.
  • Insert one end luted 200mm tube -ball valve down-.Push carefully through and allow   remainder of air bubble to escape."Gurgling" must not be heard any more!
  • Again start pumping salt water into the ball until circumference has reached approximately 540 mm.After appr. 1 hour drain saltwater until circumference of 520-540 mm (for men) is reached.

Surface Treatment - to improve grip-

  • Carefully cut away all fringes with small sharp knife.
  • put ball in a small bowl and rub the whet surface with emery paper 600 until no shine is visible when held against light.


Attention : Use of more coarse grained emery paper renders the ball unserviceable !

The pentagons faded due to rubbing can be restored by using EDDING 800 waterproof crayon. Ball will be ready for use after a drying time of 12 hrs. 
Red balls do not need any repainting.

Handling and Care:

 To maintain its roundness the ball must be hanged up in a net! 
From time to time or before start of the seasonal competitions ball must be thoroughly cleaned -with soap or similar-. 
Repainting of pentagons also is advisable after a longer period of use.